How QuadraBay can help clients Verify Candidates to Achieve Security

The world of business can be very complex, therefore it’s essential for corporations and governments to operate with confidence knowing that they hired the right candidates. Alternatively, that the right candidates were licensed to operate in their respective field. That confidence in the hiring process often translates into efficient and effective risk management, through stringent verification practices by verifying a candidates identity and other information.

At QuadraBay, we offer bespoke solutions to help governments mitigate risk by ensuring only the right individuals are licensed or receive work privileges that suit the individual candidates’ education and level of experience. Leaving no stone unturned to verify the submitted information. Being known as one of the pioneers of verification solutions in the Middle East, we also work internationally to help provide safe hiring and licensing solutions. Our motto – We Build Safer Futures.

While providing high quality solutions to our customers, we also continually ensure that we comply with global and local regulations both in privacy and best practices.

One of the key services offered by QuadraBay is Background Screening and Verification Services, which includes:

  1. Verification Solutions – Employment Verification, Professional Credentials and Qualification Verification and lastly, Education and Degree Verification.
  2. Identity Authentication – Criminal Record Checks, Identity Authentication and Passport Validation
  3. Reputational Risk and Compliance – Adverse Media Checks and Social Media Checks

QuadraBay services keep the needs and requirements of all clients in mind when developing a customized solution. Our main aim isto reduce all kinds of credential fraud and to avoid breaches of trust. We also have a unique high-level, regularly updated state-of-the-art database through which we pass all candidates during the verification process.

Our vision is to Build Safer Futures wherever we operate, for a safer work environment, a safer environment, and a safer community.

For more information about our services or how we work, both client or candidate, you can contact us through our website at or drop us an email on


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