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QuadraBay and our partners are focused on providing a compliance-driven, AI-based screening solution which helps mitigate the risk of awarding privileges to a candidate who embody negative characteristics, such as toxic behaviors, bad cultural fit and overall performance.

We remain compliance-focused and unbiased in our reports, as we apply machine learning to public online content, keeping EEOC, FCRA and GDPR in mind. Our screenings search tens of thousands of publicly available social media, news and web sources, which are tailored to every clients needs and standards.

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Ever heard of an Adverse Media Search?

Any kind of negative or unfavorable information linked to a candidate could have an unfavorable effect on a business, government or society as a whole. Instances can include both professional and personal activities that help build a candidates image and reputation. Oftentimes, these activities are not recorded in any other manner, making it an imperative element in the verification process.

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