Passport Validation

Passport Verification forms a big part of identity authentication, especially when confirming a candidate’s identity and nationality.

This element alone could influence a candidates right to work, and should be considered one of the building blocks of the employment screening process.

QuadraBay believes that passport verification should be a requirement in any comprehensive screening process. This will ensure that the industries in which these individuals operate stay protected, and society stays safe.

  • It confirms a candidates identity, nationality and right to work
  • It protects businesses, governments and the public from liability by hiring misidentified candidates

So, what’s the benefit?

  • Safeguard confidential details related to the candidates area of work
  • Save time and money by identifying whether the candidate in question matches the employment experience provided
  • It’s often found that candidates who are untruthful about their identity and their right to work often lacks integrity in their working behavior

We build safer

Criminal Record Check ?

Running a comprehensive background check is not always as simple as it sounds. It frequently happens that less experienced companies choose not to cross-check their sources after making first contact.

At QuadraBay we take a different approach. We believe in helping our clients make smarter and safer licensing and privileging decisions – by providing them with the most in-depth, accurate and unbiased analysis possible.


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