The National Health Regulatory Authority, Bahrain, and QuadraBay are pleased to announce that they have entered a partnership agreement to provide Primary Source Verification Services to Candidates within the HealthCare Profession within the Kingdom of Bahrain seeking to obtain a License to Practice.


The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), Bahrain has signed an agreement with QuadraBay Verification Solutions to verify the authenticity of documents submitted by the Candidates to practice within the HealthCare Profession from their original sources before obtaining a License to Practice within their profession in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

QuadraBay is an industry-leading credentialing and verification service provider, that offers an array of bespoke and innovative solutions to government and semi-government entities and is specialized in verifying documents from their original sources.

The agreement is in line with NHRA’s policy to facilitate Licensing Procedures and requires HealthCare professionals to submit their required documents to QuadraBay in order to be verified according to Licensing requirements outlined by NHRA.

QuadraBay collaborates with clients in the public and private sectors and keeps communities safe by verifying the authenticity of the qualifications submitted by professionals through the use of Primary Source Verification (PSV) procedures.

Yousef Al Nasr, Managing Director of QuadraBay adds that “QuadraBay strives to achieve industry-leading excellence as an impactful, innovative and efficient partner to our vast client base. As a result, working with the National Health Regulatory Authority will provide even greater value and expertise to candidates within the Kingdom of Bahrain and Government bodies in the Gulf Region and beyond.”

For further information, you can visit QuadraBay at or the National Health Regulatory Authority at


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