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A credential evaluation critically evaluates a degree, certification or other educational qualification issued by an international institution and compares and converts it to the local equivalency. This advisory evaluation aims to assist academic institutions, licensing boards and employers in understanding and recognizing foreign credentials.

QuadraBay provides evaluation services across a wide range of sectors; for professionals who are looking to qualify professionally for regulatory requirements and for international students who are seeking admission to universities and colleagues globally.

QuadraBay can conduct evaluation of professional work, academic work and experience.

We pride ourselves in completing the credential evaluation process in the shortest amount of time possible. However, in certain cases where the evaluation of the scope of work required by the regulator or the university requires vetting of original documents, the time to complete the evaluation may take slightly longer.

QuadraBay provides evaluation services across a wide range of sectors; for professionals who are looking to qualify professionally for regulatory requirements and for international students who are seeking admission to universities and colleagues globally.

QuadraBay can conduct evaluation of professional work, academic work and experience.

Copies are accepted in most cases where provided documents are complete; however, in some cases, original documents are required before starting the evaluation process.

Unfortunately, QuadraBay cannot conduct evaluation if you are unable to provide us with all required documents.

You should submit your original degree or diploma, or official degree confirmation letter issued by the educational institution.

Yes. QuadraBay requires a translation to be submitted along with the original document.

Any professional who is seeking to have their competency recognized (or the institution or organization seeking to recognize said professional’s competency) in order to carry out a specific procedure or set of procedures, provide a particular service, or other tasks in the professional environment.

The application process is designed to be as simple as possible. Our research suggests that most participants complete the process within 15 minutes.

We are working 24 hours and are committed to provide the most thorough, current and accurate information within the fastest turnaround time possible. However, there are few cases where reports may be temporarily delayed due to force majeure. In case there are any anticipated delays, our team will make sure to inform you in advance with reasons behind the delay.

If we receive an Incomplete Verification application, we’ll notify you about the missing information as soon as possible. You will then have a maximum period of 30 days to send us the missing information. If the Incomplete Verification Information is not provided within the 30-day time period, we reserve the right to close the application as “Unable to Check”.

Just drop us an Email detailing what you need help with. Remember to include your unique reference number, and send it to and we will contact you within 24 hours.

You will be receiving an Email from QuadraBay confirming your application reference number on the registered Email ID, and the payment receipt

Of course! You have the right to receive a copy of the completed verification results. This can be found on the “Application Page” of your application dashboard. We will also make sure to notify you once your application has been completed. However, some applications/candidates may be notified to revert to the respective Ministry to obtain the results.

Just log into our Online Portal where you have registered your application, and you’ll be able to track the status of your application.

  • The cancellation request needs to be submitted within 24 hours of application completion for it to be processed.
  • Your request for cancellation must be supported by a written / official communication from the respective Ministry in order for QuadraBay to process it.
  • A non-refundable 10% of the application fee will be charged if the application is withdrawn after the 24 hour period.

Credentialing is an umbrella term that usually encompasses two processes: credentialing and privileging.

Credentialing is also knows as Primary Source Verification (PSV) of a professionals education, training, work experience, license, etc. Oftentimes a variety of sources is used during the verification process, such as direct communication from the educational and training institutions, past and current hospital affiliations and employers, peer reference letters, certification boards, licensing agencies and other sources.

Privileging on the other hand, involves granting approval for an individual to perform a specific service or operate in a specific field based on documented competence in the specialty in which privileges are requested.

As the term suggests, it’s the process of obtaining verification details from the original source. An example of this would be a licensing body that awards medical professionals the right to work. In this case, a graduation certificate alone is not enough to be granted a license to work in the medical field. The graduate’s university needs to be contacted to verify the legitimacy of the degree. This is one way in which fraudulent documents are identified in the application process.

Failure to submit all of the documents as outlined in the Candidate Dashboard.

Incomplete information. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for past affiliations/current affiliations and education.

Every employer has specific background screening requirements based on their industry, regulations, type of positions they hire for, etc. Some common requirements may include: past education and employment history, driving records and verification of professional licenses.

That’s ok! Try to provide as much accurate information as possible. We’ll compare the information you provide with the information the past employer or academic institution provides.

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We know that verification and professional privileging as a topic can be very daunting, and we’ve made it our mission to discuss each element and sector in detail to make the process easy for all to understand through education and informative articles.


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