Employment Verification

When looking at a candidates profile, whether it’s above average or simply fulfilling the requirements of the role, a reference check is usually the strongest means of identifying whether a candidate lives up to the expectations set forth by the issuing or licensing authority.

A reference check is much more than just confirming previous employment, it can also identify misrepresentation, highlight poor performance or establish whether a CV or application is truthful.

Conducting a thorough reference check can be time consuming, and oftentimes corners may be cut to meet deadlines, or to simply move onto another candidate. This makes it even more important to use a Globally Recognized Verification Service Provider, such as QuadraBay to provide thorough and reliable reference checks.

QuadraBay along with our international partners do more than just reference checks. We conduct reference interviews to add depth to our background screening reports by delivering accurate outlines of the candidates’ workplace performance, as described by the candidates reporting manager.

We pride ourselves by having a team of highly trained experts that strive to ask the right questions and following-up with responses in order to retrieve the most detailed information.

QuadraBay is the ideal Employment Verification Provider, as we never communicate with candidates directly, thus maintaining an unbiased and professional approach to the verification process. Our focus is always aligned with the clients needs, and we strive to provide a high-quality service.

Our clients choose QuadraBay because we provide:

  • Bias-free and accurate reports directly from the clients reporting manager or Human Resources
  • We identify any ‘activity gaps’ present in a CV or application
  • We compare candidate information with the information received through the reference interviews
  • We carefully follow industry guidelines along with those established by relevant issuing authorities

Avoid delays due to “Proof of Consent”

In order to retrieve the information required for verification, companies oftentimes require proof of consent from the candidate before the information is released. QuadraBay and along with our international partners can retrieve the required information instantly and securely, ensuring that we get the results we need when making first contact, decreasing our turnaround time.

The ‘activity gap’ dilemma

It often happens that candidates choose not to disclose a period of inactive employment on their CV by changing the dates of previous or current employment. This is often done under the assumption that employers won’t be contacted to verify lengths of employment. Our services at QuadraBay integrates various verification techniques to confirm a timeline for the candidate, highlighting any inconsistencies in the dates and timelines presented by the candidate (either in their education or in their work experience).

Need to verify a candidates education?

A candidate’s educational background is one of the first key markers to evaluate whether they are qualified for the role they are applying to. Often, this helps paint a strong picture of their character and experience within their respective field. But how can one be sure that what is being presented is accurate?


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