Education Verification

A candidate’s educational background is one of the first key markers to evaluate whether they are qualified for the role they are applying to. Often, this helps paint a strong picture of their character and experience within their respective field. But how can one be sure that what is being presented is accurate?

This is where Education Verification Services comes in. It’s a simple yet effective way to check whether the Educational Documents being presented are honest, accurate and authentic.

QuadraBay helps Government and Semi-Government entities receive accurate and timely evaluations of foreign credentials and experience..

Our experts can evaluate diplomas, academic transcripts, and work experience worldwide and prepare document-by-document and course-by-course evaluations for employment, immigration, college admission, and licensing requirements.

Our Education Verification Services cross many sectors, such as an accurate evaluation of an applicant’s professional experience, qualifications, and competencies, which is appropriate to the needs and framework as authorized by the relevant Authorities.

This service means that organizations and institutions can rest assured that important work is carried out only by professionals with the right level of competencies to do it, as well as helping applicants have their skills and experience recognized by foreign institutions, and so opening up greater opportunities for them.

The scope of QuadraBay’s Education Verification services includes:

  • Accreditation Status of Institution Admission Requirements of the academic/professional program Level of education program (Primary/Elementary, Secondary [lower/upper] Post-Secondary/Tertiary)
  • Required length of the Program of Study (number of years of part-time/full-time study)
  • Content and Structure of the Program of Study
  • Practical, Clinical, Internship Components (purpose/intent of the program) and Terminal, Employment Only, Further Education, Vocational and Professional Training.
  • Professional Credentials & Qualification Verification

    A Professional Credential check involves verifying whether the candidate in question has the work experience, the education qualifications, the professional memberships, and/or trade licenses that they state they have.


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