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Running a comprehensive background check is not always as simple as it sounds. It frequently happens that less experienced companies choose not to cross-check their sources after making first contact.

At QuadraBay we take a different approach. We believe in helping our clients make smarter and safer licensing and privileging decisions – by providing them with the most in-depth, accurate and unbiased analysis possible. We, along with our partners, use a combination of robust services, solutions and technology that allows us to uncover even the most minor act of criminal misconduct

We have access to some of the world’s biggest criminal records databases to deliver results which are fast and accurate, whilst still adhering to federal and state reporting requirements.

At QuadraBay we make use of GLOBEX, which searched millions or records which are sourced worldwide from foreign governments, courts regulatory enforcement, law enforcement agencies, and other public and propriety data sources around the globe. Data sources are subject to availability and applicable reporting restrictions.

This search is for restriction, sanction, and exclusion records maintained by US and international legal and regulatory enforcement organizations and public sources. The search includes sources containing information from 1700+ Watchlists and Sanctions with 4+ million records, as well as Politically Exposed Persons.

However, it’s not our technology alone that makes us the best. It’s also our team of well-trained market experts. By evaluating our data at every step of the process, we eliminate the potential for error.

We build safer


With the number of identity fraud cases steadily increasing each year, the risk that a candidate may have falsified his identity whilst applying for a license or professional privileging is growing with it. Oftentimes, this is missed even when a background check is completed.

Verifying who a candidate is at the time of application is extremely important before granting them a license to operate within their respective field.


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