Best Practices for Recruiting Millennial Healthcare Workers

Attracting and Keeping Millennial Healthcare Workers

The Millennial generation, born between 1982 and 2003, will account for half of the workforce by 2020 and 75% by 2030. Younger generations are tomorrow’s leaders, so employers seeking to attract and retain them need to understand how they think and act. By incorporating millennial values and mindsets into their day-to-day work, healthcare organizations have seen significantly improved employee retention rates and ultimately a better patient experience. What can healthcare employers do to retain Millennials and entice them to work there? The following ideas can help:


Technology: Millennials are the first generation to have grown up 100% digitally. Technology plays a significant role in everything the millennial generation does, making their work simpler and ultimately allowing them to provide better customer service.

Positive, Supportive Work Environment: Millennials require a supportive, transparent working environment. Transparency and open communication are essential to their growth and success. They look for respect from their peers and managers while also wanting the opportunity to hone their skills, get additional training and have the ability to move into leadership roles.

Flexibility in Work and Life: One of the most important characteristics of the Millennial generation is work-life balance, meaning they have more flexibility in their work hours.

Making a difference: Millennials are looking for positions where they can make a difference. They want to engage in work that excites them and ultimately helps others. Healthcare is tailor-made for this generation.

Social Media: Millennials have grown up with social media and have shaped its use. The healthcare industry has realized that social media platforms are a great tool for recruiting, branding and engaging their employees.

Background Screening for Millennials

You must have the right process in place for screening Millennial candidates during the hiring process. Millennials will also be more likely to stick around when the candidate experience is positive. It is important that candidates can easily submit background check data through mobile-friendly portals. Applicants need clear and transparent information about the screening process, its timeline, and its status from their employers.


Healthcare Background Screening

Millennials are in high demand, especially with a low unemployment rate and a large number of open healthcare positions, so it is more important than ever for companies to modify work practices to attract them. In order to stay competitive, healthcare employers are developing strategies to hire and retain millennials. Millions of lives are depended upon healthcare workers at all levels, so background screenings must be competent, reliable and thorough. To ensure that employers are confident in their hiring decisions, QuadraBay offers a comprehensive and compliant healthcare background screening program. Discover how our comprehensive background check solutions can provide hiring managers with peace of mind when hiring healthcare professionals.


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