Arrest of an expatriate practicing a medical assistant profession without a license

The National Authority for Regulating Health Professions and Services revealed the arrest of an Arab expatriate practicing a medical assistant profession without a license from the authority, by performing cosmetic procedures using medical equipment and supplies without a license in her private residence located in the Capital Governorate, and providing unlicensed health services. her from the body.

The authority clarified that “immediately, the authority’s judicial control officers made the necessary investigations that proved the correctness of the information, then they coordinated with the General Department of Investigations, Investigations and Forensic Evidence. Pharmaceutical materials and medical supplies, in addition to a number of drugs not licensed in Bahrain and used in the aforementioned violations, and the records issued on the violation were transferred to the competent authorities to complete the necessary legal procedures for this.


** This article and the information it contains has been shared directly from Albilad Press


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