4 Ways you can speed-up your Background Check

Congratulations! You’ve been offered the job. But now what? What are the next stages? Background check? What even is that?

Before you ease into your new role, you might need to undergo a background check in order to verify your credentials and obtain that license you need to practice in your profession. For many, this can be a very stressful process, and we’re here to put your mind at ease.

A background check isn’t there to simply ‘dig up dirt’, but rather is a simple verification process for your employer to validate the information you provided in your CV or during the interview process. By doing so, your employer can be confident that you’re a good fit for the role. If you’re applying for a license to practice, its equally important to verify that your level of skill is suited to your profession and that you don’t pose a potential risk to employees, customer etc. Essentially, agreeing to a background check is a way to ensure that your workplace remains a safe and high-quality environment.

During the background check process, we may look at your employment history, education credentials, criminal history or simply run an identity check.

Looking to speed this up? Here are a few ways you can help the process:

  1. Be honest. Make sure that the information you provide is accurate, along with working phone numbers and / or email addresses of potential references, institutes, or companies relevant to your application.
  2. Do your own ‘background check’ before submitting your application. Make sure to cross-reference employment dates, job titles, company names, salary details – if needed.
  3. Locate your education documents and keep them within reach. During your application process you’ll be asked to submit clear and legible copies of your certificates. Any documents that aren’t clear could be sent back and delay the verification process.
  4. Check your email regularly. Sometimes it may take some time for past employers or schools to respond. In this instance, we may require additional information from you to complete the verification process. Being quick to respond could speed up the process significantly.

You can find out more about our Background Screening and Verification Solutions here.


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